Shai Hills Reserve

  • The Shai Hills Resource Reserve is a resource reserve located in Doryumu in the Shai Osudoku District all in the Greater Accra Region.  The area was declared Forest Reserve  in 1962 with area of 47 square kilometres (4,700 ha; 18 sq mi) which was later extended to 51 square kilometres (5,100 ha; 20 sq mi) in 1973. It was made a Game Production Reserve in 1971. The protected area was home to the Shai people before they were ejected by the British in 1892, remains of Shai peoples works can still be found at the reserve. A mosaic of forest covers the 5 separate hills in the reserve, while grassland and low dry forests are found in intervening canyons. Baboons, green monkeys, antelopes, zebras, mammals, reptiles and over 172 bird species have been identified in the reserve.  
  • Working hours6:00 AM to 5:00 PM.The best time for wildlife viewing is early in the morning. The morning visit may include sightings of Kob antelope, bushbuck or monkeys, although the monkeys here are not habituated like at Tafi Atome or Boabeng-Fiema. The baboon troop at the front gate can be very amusing but be warned these are dangerous animals and they love to snatch your unattended personal belongings.Visitors can visit the Reserve throughout the year, but travel within the Reserve could be difficult during the rainy season. 
  •  Activities
    • Rock climbing
    • Nature Walk (Hiking)
    • Game Viewing
    • Bird Watching
    • Exploring the caves 
  • Getting there / LocationShai Hills Resource Reserve is located along the Tema–Akosombo road. It is about 17 kilometres (11m) from Accra, the capital city of Ghana making it the closest wildlife reserve to Accra.
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