Special Events

  • Hang or Paragliding – this event is organized annually in April which coincides with the Easter festivities at Atibie, Kwahu in the Eastern Region.


  • Emancipation Day – it is celebrated in solidarity with
    Africans in the Diaspora/Jamaica in commemoration of the struggles for self-determination and freedom in centuries past. It is celebrated in July/August every year.


  • PANAFEST (Pan African Historical Theatre Festival) – It is a cultural event which is dedicated to the enhancement of the ideals of Pan Africanism and the development of the African continent. It is celebrated biennially in July/August.


  • World Tourism Day – this day is observed on the 27th day of September yearly.




Ghana’s towns and cities throb to quality of Ghanaian highlife, hiplife, afro pop, reggae and R&B music throughout the day all week long. Street bars (drinking spots) line up along the streets/ roads sides. These local bars spring to full business when the sun goes down and when patronizers go deep into the night in search of good time. From local drinking bars, cocktail bars to jam-packed nightclubs, Ghana’s nightlife has it all.